The Magical Christmas Tree

The idea for The Magical Christmas Tree was born at Christmas in 1993 when a young girl lost her brother and emptiness surrounded her holiday spirit. Her mother decorated a small Christmas tree with battery operated lights and miniature ornaments. On Christmas Eve before church service, they went to the graveyard and lit the tree. In the soft glow of the lights, the little girl smiled. They prayed together and went to church so she could sing in the children’s choir where once her brother had sung too. This empowering gesture of including him in their Christmas ritual helped her to manage the grief of missing her brother. Every year since; these 20 years, this tree has been lit on Christmas Eve.

Our hope is that you too can be empowered to light a Christmas tree for those you miss at Christmas. We have carefully designed a tree like the one in the book that you can take to a graveyard. For those of you who want to light a tree at home, we also designed a special indoor tree. You can decorate either tree with our angels. May lighting a Magical Christmas Tree help you to make the holidays more comforting and put a smile on your face like it did for little Ali and Mr. Christmas. 

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